Monday, 2 April 2012

What Was That Thing?

Judith Collins will be paying for her own legal expenses, not the taxpayer.
Run that one by me again.
Who pays Mrs Collins' salary and expenses?  I suppose she will do it all in her own time.  And since she only has three ministries to run, she'll have plenty of time, right?
Who pays the salaries of Messrs Little and Mallard?
Where does the funding for Radio NZ come from?
Never mind the bollocks, one way or another, the taxpayer of New Zealand WILL pay for Judith Collins' ego-driven folly.  All of it.
Since John Key lacked either the courage to stop this, or did not have the full backing of his caucus to do so, he should at least stand Mrs Collins down while the action is under way.  After all, it's important.

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