Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Little Boxes

Gawd, a cardboard cathedral, who would have thunk it?
It's the comments on the article that I love.
Things like "...cardboard?  What will happen when it rains?"  Umm, the architect has probably thought of that.  Same goes for fire-proofing.  Don't you have any more pressing concerns?
#133 (john) caught my eye with his opening gambit - "What a waist (sic)".  John, a waist is the bit between your hips and chest.  What you mean is "waste", which is what happened to your education.  Proof?  John goes on to say "OMFG The Romans build buildings that have lasted over 10,000 years".  Yeah?  The Roman Republic started in 509BC, about 250 years after Rome was founded.  Come back in a bit over 7,000 years and tell us how that 10,000 year lifespan actually went.  But enough of taking the piss...
#86 tyler has my favourite suggestion - a bouncy castle.  That would get an atheist like me thinking about going to church.
And on a serious note, why a 700 seat church?  I thought the congregation at the Cathedral was a fraction of that.

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