Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Hooked into this embarrassment of an interview on the way back to the office this evening.
As I came across it half way through I wasn't aware of who was being interviewed, and as the interview progressed it became clear that they were (a) on the defence and (b) out of their depth.  The evasiveness and inability to answer reasonably simple direct questions made me think they were some representative of the wheel clamping industry*.  Turns out it was no such thing.
At the end of the interview I found it was Simon Bridges, a Minister of the Crown.  A member of the kleptocracy, defending a bunch of usurers**.  I was forced to conclude he's attend the same "Dealing with the Media" course as the awful Craig Foss.
*Wheel clamping is not an industry, it doesn't produce a single thing of merit.  It's an inefficient, ineffective and ridiculously punitive way of enforcing a property right.
** I know that usury relates to excessive interest on loans, rather than excessive fees to release clamped cars.  I'll present an excuse explanation to anyone who cares to demand one.

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