Thursday, 12 April 2012

Boodle Boodle Boodle

In amongst all the fuss about National increasing its spend on consultants was a note that NZTA as excluded from the figures.
NZTA spend most of their funding on contractors and consultants, with their staff costs being mostly for managers and spokespeople.  It would be difficult for them to spend any more consultants.  It's about time we asked if the out-sourcing model used as the only method of procuring the provision of roading maintenance, construction, design and planning is still appropriate.
Anecdata about MoW staff leaning on their shovels all day are old and out of date.  We just don't know if pure contracting out really works.  I think we should look at a mixed model, to inject a bit of competition between the ideological models.  There's no room for objection, if you are inclined to believe that contracting out is a good thing, you tend to also believe that competition is always good.  So bring it on.

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