Thursday, 19 April 2012

Koka Kola

God save us, Granny says someone drank ten litres of Coke a day.  Ten litres!  And now they are dead, at 30.  Condolences to the family.
The are reported as saying they didn't know Coke is bad for you; it's a soft drink.  In case either of my readers, or any stray visitors or lost people browsing about is unclear about the fact:
Coke Is Bad For You.  Soft Drinks Are Bad For You.
To be fair, in moderation soft drinks are unlikely to have any major effects, and they go well with various alcoholic beverages, however, I digress.
Soft drinks are full of sugar, and sugar is addictive.
Coke is full of caffeine (though it is not the worst offender - Red Bull, anyone), and caffeine is addictive.
Caffeine and sugar - very addictive.
The article referenced quotes a doctor as saying a severe potassium deficiency may have contributed to the death, and such deficiency can be caused by the excessive consumption of soft drinks.  If I were part of the family I'd quit the "we didn't know" line and start talking about Coke's addictive chemistry.

The Clash - London Calling, 1979


  1. Hi Armchair critic,

    Anyone who collected coins in their childhood knows all about the corrosive powers of coca cola.

    What's always interested me about the allure of sugar, fat, etc. is how, once you go without it (in any concentration) for a while - as an adult - it just tastes awful when you accidentally taste it again at that strength.

    I'm the same with milk. I can't even stomach the blue stuff as it just tastes so thick and fatty now. I haven't had it - even in my coffee - for decades.

    I'm Fonterra's worst nightmare.

  2. Thanks Puddleglum
    Coke (and all soft drinks, with or without caffiene) - yeah, they are not for me.
    Milk - nah, coffee needs milk for me to drink it.
    Tell me, do you drink beer, or any alcohol?

    1. Yes, I drink beer and wine. Not spirits, though some of my friends give me the odd whiskey.

      I pretty much 'titrate' my alcohol to make sure it never goes beyond the bon vivant stage. I have quite a sensitive stomach that vomits at the slightest provocation - so it's kind of like my temperance conscience.