Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quiet on tha Set

In case you missed it, here is video of a bizarre discussion between John Ansell, Morgan Godfery and Hone Harawira, notionally on the subject of race relations in New Zealand.
John Ansell well and truly jumped the shark.  His views on race relations are cringe inducing; I have more time for the JW's when they come around door knocking.  And his fervour for some theory about a powerless government commission is plotting to "Maorify everything" (whatever that means) took the cake.  I thought 9/11 conspiracy theorists, the self-styled "truthers", were bad.  John Ansell just didn't know when to shut up, and headed straight off to la-la land.  I'd feel sorry for him, but since he's bound to be a big believer in personal responsibility, nah.
Meanwhile, full respect to Hone Harawira for not taking the bait and wrestling with the proverbial pig in the mud.  Apart from a spot of finger pointing, he came across with some significant gravitas and has the makings of a very good politician.  With the right circumstances, he could be one of New Zealand's most famous politicians, amongst the likes of Vogel, Seddon, Savage and Kirk.
And thumbs down to Mark Sainsbury for trying to provoke a fight.  Very poor.

N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton, 1988

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