Wednesday, 11 April 2012

School Is No Good For You (part 2)

Who are Learning Infrastructure Partners?  A consortium of Hawkins, ASC Architects and Programmed Facilities Management.
Hawkins and ASC Architects aren't that interesting.
Maybe Hawkins are a little interesting, but I know enough about them without a google search.
ASC Architects seem to be your typical architecture firm.  One of the directors has his own little think tank, the office for urban research, which advocates (in its own strange way) for improved public transport.  Another is a member of a green council, though my observation of this kind of architect is that the green is generally tinged with blue.  And that's to be expected.
Then there's a crowd called Programmed Facilities Management. Registered with the companies office in January 2012 - well after the initial phases of the procurement process. All the directors are based in Australia, and the sole shareholder is an Australian-registered company.  Most of the "private" part of the PPP will be in the operations; the design (by ASC) and build (by Hawkins) are a fraction of the lifecycle cost.  So there it is, another lot of profits being expropriated to Australia.  We have National to thank.

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