Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How Will I Know?

When pushed, Ministers are using one of four excuses to avoid answering questions.  These are:

  • "We don't comment on matters of security", or
  • "It is not in the public interest...", or
  • "An enquiry is under way", and the most recently used,
  • "The question is factually incorrect"

I can understand that, occasionally, excuses one to three will be valid.  Rarely.
Excuses number four?  Please, what a load of tripe.  If a question is factually incorrect, tear a new one for the questioner.  Or answer the question.  Don't sit on the fence.
Yet these excuses flow like water. Like it is too much for us to know the answers to important questions about security, and impropriety by the representatives of the meddle class government.  So much for more accountability from the government.

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