Wednesday, 11 April 2012

School Is No Good For You

My goodness, Craig Foss is unsuitable to be a Minister.
I heard this interview on the radio yesterday and was genuinely appalled.  Impressed that Mary Wilson totally demolished Mr Foss, but shocked at the responses from Mr Foss.  Certainly this leaves many more questions than answers.
I can not decide whether Mr Foss was refusing to answer what were quite reasonable questions, though he knew the answers, or whether he simply did not know the answers.  Neither is acceptable.  The taxpayers of New Zealand deserve answers, if Mr Foss can not provide them he should be sacked for incompetence, and if he will not provide them he should be sacked for being an arrogant twat.
Either way, this interview is the worst display or repeating, ad nauseum, tired, hackneyed old party lines.  He makes Tolley and Heatley look good, and that's a real achievement.  A meditative mantra would have been as informative, and more soothing.
It did provide a new excuse for my list of bullshit excuses from National - "the ink is still drying on the contract".  Really?  I have my contracts printed off on a modern photocopier.  Sure, I sign them with a fountain pen, but they invented quick-drying inks for signatures more than fifty years ago.  As I see it, this excuse is a variant of "it's commercially sensitive" and has two real meanings.  One is "we gave it to our mates" and the other is "we don't know how much it cost, but since the contract allows a profit shortfall to be made up from taxes, and socialised, we don't care."
So on the subject of "we gave it to our mates" - who are Learning Infrastructure Partners?

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