For the moment I've set comments so they have to be approved by me before they are published.  That's not a problem because not many people are reading this blog, much less commenting.  It also suits because I don't have much experience as a moderator, so I could use the practice.
My intention is to make the decision on whether to publish a comment based primarily on the wit and intelligence demonstrated, with the content and opinion being a secondary consideration.
I'm reluctant to publish anonymous comments.  For the moment, try me.
I won't edit any comments, except my own.  Which leads on to privacy.

I'm a bit of a privacy freak.  I don't care who you are, unless you are pretending to be someone else.  As such, and with the aforementioned exception, I won't enquire into your identity.
I also don't care to tell anyone else who you are, especially anyone in authority.  I have no expectation that anyone will request private information from me; if they do it is my intention to frustrate any request I consider unreasonable in every way I possibly can.
Comments that attempt to breach anyone's privacy will not be published.

Naming of Posts:
Most posts share a title with a song.  The artist, album and release date are acknowledged at or near the end of the post.  I try to have some form of link or association between the song and the subject of the post, usually there are several.

I am the author of all the posts.  I am conscious of saying what I mean, and meaning what I say.
Proper attribution of sources has been drilled into me over the years, so I endeavour to provide links and author credits where I reference others.

Contact Me:
To be fair, there doesn't seem to have been much demand.  Once someone says they want an email address at which I can be contacted, I'll put one up.  Here, on this page.

When I'm About:
I write at night, for a variety of reasons.  One of those is that I won't blog from my work.  I check for comments during the day and publish them via my phone, and I often schedule posts for mid morning to early afternoon (which may make it look like I'm writing - I'm not, I'm working).
Blogging on the weekends is not for me either, so I prepare and schedule posts to cover weekends.  I don't check for comments over the weekend, because I have a garden.
Ultimately I blog for me, for entirely selfish reasons.  If at any stage I don't feel like blogging, I won't.  And even if I do feel like blogging, I might not do any.  Which means there may be extended periods when I say nothing. Usually it's a sign that I'm doing other stuff, in the real world

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