Monday, 30 April 2012

I Am The Resurrection

Who?  Well, first, Christianity has a strangled-hold on the use of the term "resurrection" and unfairly so because it can be applied quite generally.
David Cunliffe could be the next great Prime Minister.  He's made several good speeches over the last couple of years about the fundamental flaws in the neo-liberal approach to money and the management of the economy, as below:
[I argue] that, post GFC, the “invisible hand” of neoliberal economics has failed, that New Zealand cannot cut or sell our way out of a hole, and that Labour must therefore present a clear alternative economic approach to the current government based on our own enduring values
Hell Yeah!
He's realised that Labour is too far right*.  And he's not afraid to say so.
Is he Jesus?  No.  Is he like Jesus?  No more so than anyone else.  Am I suggesting some association?  No.

*Labour, before it was infiltrated and overtaken by ACT in the mid-1980s, regularly received more votes than (a much more left-wing than they are today) National party, foiled only by the vagaries (and that's the nice word for it) of FPP.  A swing to the left could have the dual benefits for Labour and NZ of (a) actually getting Labour into government, now we have MMP, not FPP, and (b) forcing National to abandon some of their radical right-wing agenda.

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses, 1989

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