Thursday, 29 March 2012

Under Pressure

Must suck to be Judith Collins, these days.  Yet again she was the subject of three questions in parliament today, and had to resort to the "not in the public interest" defence, to the disgust of the various opposition parties.
What I want to know is how the issue is "in the public interest" according the the PM (well, the double dipper on behalf of the PM) in Question One, yet by Question Three the ACC Minister is hot on the "not in the public interest" trail.  How does that work?
As for the revelations on Close Up tonight, we will see where they go.  National look more and more like a foundering ship (big political parties rarely sink) and I can't help but think:
we will soon see another resignation, or several more resignations, and
that was one mighty expensive cup of tea.  It cost the wrath of the media, and for that price National get, ummm, John Banks.  lol.  These guys are giving clowns a bad name.


And what's up with suing Radio NZ?  If Mrs Collins succeeds (and she won't), who pays for that?  Sounds like more taxpayer funding for the Minister, in addition to her salary and perks.  What would Radio NZ do, increase their advertising?  Try to monetize the "Save Radio NZ" facebook page?


So again I wonder, why is the person who has been a central figure* in the creation of the current "how not to guide to privacy" also responsible for the review of privacy laws?
*I am not suggesting Mrs Collins is responsible for any leaks.

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