Monday, 5 March 2012

If Things Were Perfect

The Anglican Church have decided to demolish their cathedral in Christchurch.  Cr Aaron Keown is upset.
It's their cathedral, and it's their decision to make.  I loved the old cathedral, it was a beautiful part of the city.  If things were perfect then it would be rebuilt looking exactly the same, but now earthquake-proof.  But they are not.
I'm quietly admiring the bravery of the Bishop, it must have been an agonising decision, and I can see that other organisations would have asked for a hand-out.  Instead the collected thoughtfulness and confidence shown, in what are  uncertain times, is admirable.  So good luck to Cr Keown with his proposed televised debate; his likely opponents look to be formidable.
The earthquakes in Canterbury have been transformational events.  Things will never be the same;  that includes the cathedral.  I trust that a new structure will be built, and that it will be an appropriate centre-piece for the city.

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