Friday, 2 March 2012

Losing My Religion

I'm constantly fascinated in people's belief in, and reverence of, money.  It seems to be some form of religion.
"Economic grounds" are used to justify all sorts of bizarre stuff, without a hint of common sense.  Previously when there was no other explanation, some form of deity was assigned responsibility.
We dedicate whole sections of our media, newspapers, TV, radio, internet etc. to "the economy"
The wealthy are to be respected, because their wealth demonstrates that they understand the new deity, money.
We have places of worship where the deity lives, previously referred to as churches and now called banks.
We have symbols of the deity, previously crosses, stars or statues, now called currency
I quit this religion.  Money is little pieces of metal, sheets of plastic and some record kept on a server somewhere.  That's all.
The real rich have true friends, and the skills to stay alive under wildly changing circumstances, like being able to feed themselves and their family, and provide them with shelter and warmth, without taking from others or the environment in an unsustainable manner.  The wealthy only have money.

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