Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's No Reason

In the Herald on Sunday a day or two back, more evidence was provide to support the idea that it is quite possible to be extensively educated and still be an idiot.
Case in point, a staff member at UCan who vastly over-rates his opinion and beliefs and is campaigning for a fast food chain to add a bacon sundae to its menu.
His rationale?  Well:
"I'd never thought of putting bacon and ice cream together but it makes sense - maple syrup makes bacon taste better and it goes really well with ice cream too," he told the Herald on Sunday.
Needless to say he's not at UCan for his culinary skills, he's in a faculty noted for it's slavish adherence to a lack of imagination and lip service to basic stuff like rigorous enquiry.
He is correct that bacon is delicious, as are maple syrup and ice cream.  Together?  Nah.  From a fast food place?  Never.  So, add it to the menu, see a fraction of the population buy one, once.  And take it off the menu before the sales fall to dismal levels.

"And a bacon ice cream sundae annoys all the sorts of people who really need to be annoyed from time to time."
And this is the real kicker on the educated idiot front.  As if the 'bacon and ice cream taste good, if you include maple syrup" line wasn't shallow enough, it is backed up with a "it will upset people I disagree with".  The decision to introduce bacon sundaes will be made purely on economic grounds, not on the frivolous thoughts of an academic.  The scary thing is he is in a position of influence, as a lecturer and tutor, and if this is the extent of his reasoning we have to question the value of the courses he teaches, and the degrees they are part of.

The Church - Seance, 1983

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