Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello Are You There

John Banks, he's kept his head down, presumably so National don't lose their ability to pass legislation.  Here's there because the PM, courtesy of some studious looking the other way with his hands over his ears while chanting "la la la I can't hear anything", has not lost confidence in Mr Banks.
It all came back to a question of whether Mr Banks had acted within the law, or not.  Here's Mr Key quoted on Stuff:
Key said he had not spoken directly to Banks but the ACT leader had given ''an absolute and categorical assurance to my office'' that he acted legally.
So, just the legal test, then.

But when it comes to moving people off ACC (and into the caring arms of WINZ), a legal and moral test applies, according to Mr Key.  Have a listen to him on the radio this morning - the section in question is between 2:09 and 2:30 running time.

Now that's as it should be with ACC.  We collectively gave up our right to sue, and in exchange gained an entitlement to ACC.

The standard required of ACC staff, according to Mr Key, is higher than the standard required to hold a ministerial warrant, even though the impact of decisions made by ACC staff affect many fewer people.  Surely Mr Key should have equal or higher standards for himself and his ministers.

Consolidated - Play More Music, 1992

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