Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Everything Must Go

The f*cking 61 thieves that constitute what passes for government around here these days have just won their little victory in their attempt to legitimise the theft of the family silver.  It's striking how they've done it in a similar manner to thieving dictators all around the world, throughout recorded history.

The next questions are:

  • how can the sales process be held up for as long as possible?
  • how can the date for the election be brought forward, to get rid of this avaricious bunch?
  • how can the stolen assets be returned to their rightful owners?
And, importantly, did the mask slip today?  At the end of Question 2 today, the PM said:
Rt Hon JOHN KEY: [...] History tells us that companies that are run privately, where they are listed on the stock exchange, have continuous disclosure, and are open to all of the analysis by stockbrokers and by analysts in the market, tend to be better run.
"...run privately..."?  I understood this was to be, what was it, "Mixed Ownership" or "Partial Privatisation".

Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go, 1996

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