Monday, 25 June 2012

Count to Ten (part one)

National have another plan.  This latest one has ten points and relates, nominally, to "Better Public Services".
Part One relates to reducing long term benefit dependence.  I'd love to be able to say "National have all the answers."  Unfortunately it looks like not only do they not have any of the answers, they are still struggling with the fundamentals that underlay the questions.
So what do they have?  They have a target:
The Government is targeting a 30 per cent reduction in the number of long term beneficiaries on Jobseeker Support from 78,000 to 55,000 by 2017.
But that's about all.  No mention of how.  I'd like to think they might do something innovative, like:
create an environment where the jobs were created (by the private sector, or the public sector) to fulfil a need amongst the community, or, failing that,
give the 23,000 people plane tickets to Australia, where successive governments have fostered an environment that does keep the economy going.
But this is National.  They regularly fail to exceed the low expectations I have for them.  Which means, unfortunately, more beneficiary bashing, more dog whistling and nothing to show for it, bar misery, contempt and aching all round.

Parts two to ten to come.

The Clean - Compilation, 1986

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