Wednesday, 13 June 2012

42 Wheels

ACC is, as mickeysavage described it at waitakerenews, is a slow moving but inexorable force.  It will be one of the major contributors to the downfall of the current government and the only real questions are who, or how many, it will take with it.
To recap, the scandal has, to date, taken one minister, the CEO, the chair of the board and several board members.  It has started a number of investigations and today it was the subject of a snap debate in parliament.
The thing to remember (and I think you got it wrong mickey.  Sorry) is that there are no heroes here.  Just victims, and by that I mean "most of the country".  Bronwyn Pullar has the support of some very influential people and does not need the left running defence for her too.  The focus should be on National, their ineffectiveness and their stupid ideas on what to do with ACC.

Hunters & Collectors - The Jaws of Life, 1984

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