Monday, 11 June 2012

It's Coming Down

In the next month or so the government will announce changes to:

  • special education.  I'm guessing there will be something late this week or early next week.  And it will fly under the radar.  I've discussed special schools before; there is a place for them and a "one size fits all" approach will disadvantage a small but significant section of our youth.  As they don't and probably won't vote National, the decision is easy for the government.  The section is the one where children can benefit from being removed from their day-to-day environment (the stereotypical bad homes) and taught skills that they have not learned at home, to help them become functional members of society.  Back to stereotypes - special schools are, for some children, an effective way of breaking the cycle.
  • water management.  I expect something in the next month or so, possibly in conjunction with or following closely on the heels of Nick Smith's return from exile.  Primarily because Nick Smith is the only member of the National Party caucus that has a reasonable understanding of the issues.  Again, this will fly under the radar, and will be couched in terms of "efficient water management" and "good practice".  The effects will include increased commercialisation of water, emphasis on water being treated solely as a resource and commodity, and the reduction of local control over water.  If you care about water (and remember, more than a few days without it and you are dead), you should care about these changes and the seizure of control they entail.  If you only care that it comes on when you turn the tap, and goes away when you pull the plug, go back to sleep.

CAKE - Fashion Nugget, 1996

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