Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Count To Ten (parts four to six)

National wants to reduce crime.  Most of us do, maybe even criminals.  So the PM announced these targets:
Targets to reduce overall crime by 15 per cent, violent crime by 20 per cent and youth crime by 5 per cent over five years were announced by the Prime Minister.
As with the other announcements I've discussed, there's no "how" and no funding allocated, so it seems the goals will be met out of existing budgets and other things will be dropped, or more likely the targets are pie in the sky.  At least with this one they will monitor progress every six months, though measuring does sound like back office stuff that National were, not so long ago, hacking and slashing.
There's a quick and easy way to drop crime rates; make stuff that is currently illegal, legal, or at least not illegal.  Granny had a story on the subject last evening.

The Clean - Compilation, 1986

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