Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Where Did You Sleep Last Night

In other news:

Gerry Brownlee and Stephen Joyce moved today to quash suggestions that National is not doing anything to address the housing shortage in Christchurch.

"The government has recognised the urgent need for accommodation for the poor, and people displaced by the recent earthquakes.  To meet this need the government is constructing four new facilities between the city centre and Wigram, at Barrington Street, Lincoln Road, Wrights Road and Curletts Road.  Two of these are new facilities, the others are extensions to existing accommodation.
All are built to the latest standards, meet the most rigorous earthquake engineering requirements and are conveniently close to transport.
While they will not all be complete for several months, some, such as the one at Barrington Street, are ready for use immediately."

Below there is a photograph of the government's new accommodation for the poor and displaced, at Barrington Street, taken this evening.

Nirvana (trad. arr.) - Unplugged, 1993

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