Monday, 14 May 2012

Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine

Compulsion, it's reared its head a couple of times in the last week or so.  The ethereal spectre of compulsory contraception and the much more imminent threat of compulsory vaccination, both targeted at beneficiaries.
I've already posted on contraception.  Vaccination is even more of a touch-stone issue for me.  Not because I've taken sides on the vaccination debate, indeed I have previously equivocated and intend to continue to do so.  My children have received some vaccinations and I've withheld permission for others.
Compulsory vaccination is outrageous.  Linking the eligibility for a benefit to having vaccinated children is moreso.  It is wrong for the state to say "society will not support you if you do not vaccinate your children", or for agents of the state to be required to implement and enforce such a policy.
Providing funding for vaccines and vaccination is fine by me.  Providing literature and advice around the benefits and risks involved is essential.  Compulsion is too far.
I'm not against the idea of compulsion, it has its place.  It has no place in personal affairs such as contraception and vaccination.

White Stripes - Elephant, 2003

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