Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Great Escape

Right, I'm off for a long weekend.  Blogging at Every Tiny Straw will be intermittent to non-existent, depending mostly on (a) how motivated I feel and (b) how dumb various politicians are.  I'll be back on Wednesday.
Thanks to all my visitors this month, I've never had so many, nor have I written so many posts or received so many comments.

UPDATE - I'm extending my absence until Monday next week.  By way of explanation, I'm of the view that clarity begins at home*, and as I am still unwell and unable to think clearly, I'm staying at home and away from blogging until I have recovered.  Back on form and online on Monday, I hope.

*A post crediting this phrase and explaining further is now required.

The Chills - Kaleidescope World, 1986


  1. Yes Robert, I've updated the post with a semi-lucid explanation of what has (or hasn't) happened. Back on the 11th.

  2. Rest up, AC. You're needed at the front-line.