Monday, 28 May 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick

Yeah, I'm struck down by a cold.  I can't talk, which will make quite a few people happy, but I can still blog.
I'm trying to write a post on the Tullock Spike, an object of wonder for the over-educated and under-experienced, and I came across this comment on a random website:

Obviously everything was fine back in the good old days of free enterprise.
You can blame those god damn liberals for interfering with the auto industry, and cramming all those onerous safety features into cars. Sure, countless lives and limbs were saved—BUT AT WHAT COST TO BUSINESSES PROFITS AND INDEPENDENCE?!!
Don't worry, once Republicans get back into power all that bothersome government oversight will be properly underfunded once again!

Author credit - garywalmsley56, comment reference

It's the last sentence that rings true, if the phrase "once Republicans get back into power" is  changed to "with National back in power" it's quite applicable to New Zealand.  The underfunding of the various branches of the state is a hallmark of the short-sighted and profit-driven right.
Lip service to mine safety brought us Pike River.  Lip service to teaching brought us cuts throughout the education sector, and especially at the special schools and at intermediate school level.  Lip service to a hand up brought us cuts to training allowances for people, mostly women, on the DPB, and to night classes.  Lip service to democratic principles brought us John Banks as the leader of the ACT Party.

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris, 2007

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