Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Donde Esta La Pollo?

Russel Norman seems to think he knows where the chicken is.  He's down the other end of the debating chamber.
Dr Norman's little outburst in parliament (between Questions 4 and 6, not in the individual questions but available by scrolling through to where Question 5 should have been) brought a smile to my face.  On reflection, calling someone chicken is the territory of primary school children, rather than the leader of the third largest party in Parliament.  However, it has garnered attention, and the message is not that a politician acted childishly, that's hardly news, it's that the PM was challenged for not having the courage to answer a question in parliament.  The loss of a question in Parliament is well worth the effort.

There was something much more significant in Parliament today, in Question 6, where Russel Norman exposed Bill English's shortcomings on some quite fundamental principles.  His answer to this supplementary question
Does the Minister accept that if some of the shares from the asset sale programme end up in overseas ownership, the dividends paid to those owners will add to New Zealand’s current account deficit?
astounded even the Speaker, and to avoid misleading Parliament he was forced into referring questioners to the Department of Statistics.  And it's budget week.

Where I work (in the real world), anyone who tried crap like that would be hidden from clients and put under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.  Or encouraged to find employment with one of our competitors.

Update - here's a video of Dr Norman in parliament.  And here's another of the Headless Chickens.

Headless Chickens – Body Blow, 1993

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