Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I don't have a list of right-wing blogs I trundle around every day.  I won't read Farrar's blog, or Slater's, and won't link to them or follow links to there blogs.  Because I don't care what they think.  Or what they say.  I think going to their blogs is kind of like a tourist coming to New Zealand on the basis of (what remains of) our clean green image, but only visiting landfills and wastewater treatment plants (which are, and take my word for it, the same the world over).
Am I being deliberately and wilfully ignorant?  And am I missing something?  Anything?

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy, 1992

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  1. If they were flexible, thoughtful and accommodating to ideas that challenged theirs, they'd be of value to a broadminded person like yourself. Good luck in finding even one of those.
    My advice to any 'liberal' thinker tempted to 'visit in order to engage' is, knock yourself out.