Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Happening

As a distraction from the fiasco that is the ACT party and John Banks, National have decided to address as their most important priority, ummm, something that has never happened.  In this case it's a boat load, or several boat loads of people* turning up and expecting to be allowed to live here.
Can't have that now, so we need some urgent legislation to deal with it, in case it stops not happening and starts happening instead.
But what about all the other stuff that hasn't happened yet that we need protection from.  Just on the topic of invasions, we have the subject that keeps me awake at night.  I'm not worried about people that are sufficiently industrious to get a ship that can sail to NZ, provision it for a voyage and actually get it here from south-east Asia without breaking down or getting damaged by storms and without being detected by:
- other ships, or
- private yachts, or
- other countries en-route, or
- our navy, or
- our airforce, or
- airliners and private planes passing overhead, or
- radio operators and coast-watchers
No, I'm worried about an invasion from outer-space.  Who knows when a UFO will land in Hagley Park, or Lambton Quay, or at the Britomart, with its occupants demanding residency and form to apply for an unemployment benefit.  What do the government propose to do about the aliens?
If this kind of legislation is the most pressing matter before the government, I reckon they may as well cancel the rest of their legislative program for the rest of the term and have a two year holiday until the next election.

*Technically boatloads of people have turned up here on the expectation they would be allowed to live here.  But that was back in the 19th century, <sarc> so it's totally irrelevant, and those people were white, so it doesn't count anyway </sarc>.

Pixies - Bossanova, 1990

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