Monday, 28 May 2012


I do tend to observe milestones, however miniscule they may be.  The first I observed was my hundredth post, which was published in the middle of last month.  At the moment I'm well ahead of the "one per day" target that I set myself when I started Every Tiny Straw.

This time I'm celebrating 1000 visits.  Which, in blog terms, is nothing, I have no doubt that many blogs get that many visits per post, in one afternoon.  I've tried to keep my link-whoring at other blogs down, and there are ways I could reformat this blog to increase my hits, but I don't see the need, the current format is fine by me.

For me 1,000 views is just an opportunity to say thanks to the people that read, comment on and follow my blog.

Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting You, 1998


  1. Congratulations, AC. 1000 is no mean number.

    Interestingly, the 'capcha' reads 'subhear truths'

  2. Thanks Robert. Your post on cows, vegans, blogs and worms is still attracting comment. Bravo!