Monday, 9 July 2012


After Robert Guyton alerted me to them, I went to see the bulls in the middle of Christchurch.

They are captivating.  Life size, and spooky in the evening light.

So I captured them myself, on a memory card.  It says so much about the changes that have happened in Christchurch that bulls on pianos in an empty lot seems like a good idea.

The first photo I took is of the interior of a building on the corner of Lichfield and Madras.  It didn't seem that red at the time I took the photo, and the white glow through the windows facing Madras Street was not apparent at all.  It amazes me what cameras see.  There is a car in the fifth photo, and all the camera caught was the headlights.

Strawpeople - Vicarious, 1996

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