Monday, 9 July 2012

Gouge Away

Photos one to five by the Armchair Critic 9 July 2012.  Photo six is a screenshot of the area, taken as a screenshot from the Google Maps website.

Pixies - Doolittle, 1989


  1. Cool - well, the ambiance is - was it cold when you took the photos?
    I'm in Chch on the 3rd of August for two days and a night. I hope to see them then.

  2. It sure felt cold. My phone, which is also my camera, keeps track of the weather, presumably via some web service. It was convinced it was 11 degrees. It felt like about five degrees to me.
    I'd recommend the bulls by night. In part because I've not seen them by day, but mostly because the centre of town is so much more surreal, more terrifying, at night.
    I found some deer, and a whale, in Cashel Street. Amongst other things.