Monday, 16 July 2012

The Hardest Button To Button

Sometimes words fail me.  Like now.  But I know someone is thinking about what I want to say when I read well written words.  And yesterday I did that.

Darkhorse writes the howdaft blog.  I am genuinely in awe of his writing, and evidently others are too because his posts are republished at The Standard and linked to from The Herald.

Rather than link to a whole post from howdaft, I've decided to highlight a couple of sentences that really resonated as being fundamentally true and a reflection of the essence of society.  They are;

'...the wisest long term investment strategy for both retirees and for future taxpayers is to build an essentially debt free society. 
We need to be building an investment in the future.  Instead we have loaded our children with debt. We have either run the assets we inherited from our parents into the ground or sold them off and we have not prepared ourselves, or our children for the future.'

While I am normally quite pedantic about quoting in context, I believe that these few words are so universal that they can stand independent of their original context.

The political blogosphere tends to be awash with negativity, and people who are prepared to knock, or waffle, or not understand the fundamentals of their positions.  I can do this with the best (or worst) of them.  So it is refreshing to see someone who can express something constructive, definite and honest.

Cheers darkhorse, please keep writing.  Change has to start somewhere.

White Stripes - Elephant, 2003

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