Thursday, 26 July 2012

I Wait Around

Comment taken directly from the Stuff website:

Brent and Shirley Cairns   #13   03:44 pm Jul 26 2012The launch of the 100 day CBD plan, is one week away from the 100 week anniversary for TC3 homeowners, thousands living in broken leaking homes, those with uninhabitable homes, pay mortgages, increased insurance, rates, inflated rents, now suffer further, waiting 5-8 years for a repair or rebuild. An Insurance Dispute Resolution service was suggested to cabinet in June 2011 yet ignored. Statutorily the government had to set up a Community Forum providing a citizens perspective to decision makers, meeting virtually every fortnight, no minutes have been published, their input muzzled or ignored. The purposes of the CERA legislation states that Communities must be enabled to participate in the planning of affected communities...yet that has been ignored CERA financial review and a recent Human Rights Commission workshop highlighted the lack of community involvement in decision making. Roger Sutton said because our home was in a red zone it wouldn't be worth much, is that why we are ignored?
Brownlee must meet groups like WeCan to develop Community focused solutions. Families are at breaking point and tired of being ignored.

The government's ideology of leaving problems to be solved by that mythical creature "the market" does not always work, and post-earthquake Christchurch is a prime example.  The government could, undoubtedly, help more.  That's not to say it isn't helping, but that only leads to the idea that they could do better with what they are doing.
So why aren't they helping more and doing better?  It's their ideology again, if they make an exception for Christchurch they bring the rest of their program into question.  The attitude, even if it is subconscious, is appalling.

The Clean - Vehicle, 1990

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