Saturday, 14 July 2012

I Keep Coming Back

Another milestone reached a few days back, though one where I'll keep the news to myself and smile on the inside.  And more note-worthy, perhaps, is what stands out for me from the 200-odd posts I have written since starting this blog in January.

There's one post that, for some reason, keeps getting read by people from all over the world.  It was one of the off-the cuff, whimsical ones that I never expected to be read by anyone.  Ever.  It's about learner plates on cars, for goodness sake.  What is so interesting about this post?

My favourite post is about asset sales.  It was inspired by one of my favourite critics, Shunda Barunda, who I like and respect a lot more than he suspects.

The most read post is this one, on Hekia Parata's folly.

The rest don't really surprise me.  I'm open to suggestions on topics for future posts, too.

Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen, 1993

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