Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Asleep At The Wheel

National oppose Monday-ising Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day, when they fall on a weekend.

Prime Minister John Key said he did not know what the party's position was.
Other Ministers said they would not comment until caucus had made a decision on the issue.
Deputy Prime Minister Bill English said the Government would veto the legislation.

So the PM "doesn't know" and the Deputy PM says it will be vetoed.  That's hardly singing from the same song sheet.  The Bill is to be debated tomorrow, so it looks like the PM is asleep at the wheel.

But wait, there's more.

Not so long ago (a little under 100 days, in fact), the government and CERA announced a 100 day plan for the CBD of Christchurch.  Now it's the 103 day plan - 3% over its time budget.  Why?  Today the Press quietly reported:
The blueprint needs Cabinet sign-off before it is released publicly, but ministers are not scheduled to meet again until Monday morning.
How long have Cabinet met on Monday?  Ages, so it's hardly a surprise, and it's hardly a surprise that Cabinet would have to sign the work off before Regular John had his next photo opportunity.  So basically the government didn't know what it was doing - asleep at the wheel again.  It's hardly like the CBD of the second largest city in the country is a minor issue either, it's the kind of thing I expect the government to take seriously and be organised for.

In researching this post I found a blog at the Press asking "what happens next?" and at the bottom there are a few comments.  Matt at #5 says that any consultation on the plan is unnecessary, because most of the land in the CBD is privately held.  Which is true, but this government has not had much respect for trivialities like fundamental rights like democracy (hence the take-over of ECan), or property.  I understand, having read the brief via the government tenders website, that there is no need to respect property rights in the Christchurch CBD, and confiscations are allowed.

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