Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Keine Lust

The clusterf*ck that is the Kim Dotcom case rolls on relentlessly.  And its such a charade.

Kim Dotcom is not a freedom fighter.

The government are in this up to their necks, and if they had any sense of loyalty to the citizens of New Zealand they would be doing their utmost to set things straight.  It would at least make a good distraction from the whole assets sales mess they have worked their way into.

The Police have done a terrible job, acted illegally, and I suspect, on no good grounds, that the main reason the government are not acting is that they are scared of Kim Dotcom, and don't know how to manage the situation.  That's a nice way of saying it's out of control.

About the only party to come out of this not smelling of something vile is the judiciary.

It's unfortunate that it's the NZ taxpayer will be the loser, when the government is sued for an enormous sum.

Rammstein - Reise, Reise, 2004

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