Wednesday, 15 February 2012

You're Just As Confused As I Am (Part Two)

And I found it next to impossible to believe, but on the way into work this morning the radio is on abot Murray McCully's email account being hacked.
Mr Key is busy reassuring us that it's OK because there was nothing confidential.  Of course there was nothing confidential, Mr Key.  Back in 1986 it took the Russians a while to admit one of their nuclear reactors had melted down, too.
So where's the problem here?  Well, for one, Ministers should keep their business email accounts for business and their private email accounts for personal stuff.  It's just good practice, and there's no real excuse.
Also, having an email account hacked is a problem, irrespective of what was within the account.  It shouldn't be dismissed lightly.
Finally, the juxtaposition of the two issues - using a push to electronic media to justify slashing the public service versus a member of the goverment having his email account hacked is quite striking.

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