Monday, 20 February 2012


Finally a post referring to an album, rather than a song title.  I owned 2112 in my teens and liked it.  In its own way it was listenable, the whole rock-opera/concept album idea was one I'd not really encountered before.  Of course that was way before I discovered Rush are a bunch of libertarians and the whole thing was inspired by the idol of libertarians world-wide, Ayn Rand.  For some reason the album sticks in my mind (the kitsch lyrics, perhaps) and today it occurred to me that in 100 years it will be 2112.
I'd cross my fingers and hope that the dystopian worlds described by Rush, and Rand, do not come to pass.  But crossing fingers is usually not that effective, so I'll continue on with other methods too, outside this blog.  Grass roots stuff.
My partner pointed out, over the weekend, that Facebook is in many ways like Big Brother.  I agreed, and it occurred to me that while the common conception is that Big Brother would come from some form of government and would use compulsion, in fact Big Brother could easily be non-governmental, it only needs to be severely authoritarian (which Facebook could become).  And how ironic it is that we are falling over ourselves to help Big Brother to watch us.
EDIT – evidently 2112 is a song title, too.

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