Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's Coming Down

The judgement on the Crafar Farms sale made me smile, in a day that otherwise consisted solely of datafreaking.
Truth be told I expected a lot less from the court decision.  And I also expect that it will serve only to delay the sale.
I've been waiting, in vain, for signs that the neo-liberal tide has turned, just a little.  Hell, I'd just about settle for a conservative National government over the bunch of crap we have today.  And perhaps, just perhaps, we saw them today.
I checked that QOA this morning and wondered why David Shearer was asking the PM about confidence in his ministers.  If it was put in on the off-chance that it could be used in conjunction with the Court's decision, then that's a sign that Labour are thinking.
It was so nice to see the PM flubbing his answers, too.
Overall, my theory that this government will not go a full term is still on track, in fact I think this has made it even more likely.
What will be most interesting is how the government react.  They have an opportunity to reconsider and make a  better decision.  Their track record indicates that they will rush their gates and make even more of a hash of it, and given the public sentiment on the issue, there is potential for the government to do real damage to their agenda.  Which won't disappoint me at all.

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