Thursday, 9 February 2012

There Goes God

What is it with Gerry Brownlee calling Bob Parker a clown?
Behind the bullshit about whose feelings were hurt and who should apologise to whom, there's a real story.  As I see it, if it were English royalty or Hollywood celebrities calling each other names, who would care?  (well, I suppose quite a few people.  Not me, though) and the media's trivial treatment of this is akin to classic tabloid journalism.
For the record I think it is inappropriate for a senior cabinet minister to refer to an elected official as "a clown". There's a big chunk of truth behind what has been said on both sides.
Bob Parker has found the going as a mayor responsible for the recovery phase beyond his capabilities.  That doesn't make for valid comparisons to circus performers; indeed such references serve only to trivialise and distract.
Distraction is just what Mr Brownlee needs, as it draws attention away from the issues of the large asset portfolio held by CCC, and the government's privatisation agenda, which I posted about earlier on this evening.

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