Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Princes of the Universe

I'm not much into rugby.  I've watched two or three games in the last decade or so, the last one being the turgid affair that was the RWC final.  It's not that I dislike rugby, it's just that I like other stuff a lot more.
The Otago RFU is insolvent.  Professionalism is to blame.  Yeah, yeah yeah, whatever.  The Otago RFU has done a lot more for NZ, and especially Dunedin, than the finance companies that the government eagerly bailed out.  And they have a proud history.
I'd be happy to fund some statutory managers or receivers to trade the union out of debt, perhaps with its debt restructured and possibly eventually written off, either entirely or in part.
The small issue that the voters of Dunedin tend to favour Labour will undoubtedly influence the government's thinking.

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