Friday, 13 January 2012

Take the Power Back

I'd not intended to say much about the POA dispute, especially given the commentary going on elsewhere in the blogosphere.
Credit to Robert Winter for his prompt and considered posts, and to The Standard for their late but vehement and voluminous contributions.
For too long the right have dictated the narrative and got their own way.  Someone from the left needs to stand up for the unions and workers on this issue.  The obvious candidate is David Shearer and the Labour Party.  However I don't have high expectations and the deafening silence indicates either Mr Shearer thinks his holiday is more important than the principles his party was founded on, or he just doesn't know what to say.
Which leaves the Greens.  I can excuse them for not acting to date (they are probably sitting around thinking "where the hell are Labour on this one???"), but by the end of the week they need to have taken a strong and clear position - what the POA Management team are doing is out and out wrong.
A new board needs to be appointed, with their first task being getting a new CEO and SMT.

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