Friday, 20 January 2012

Keep the Customer Satisfied

It's the same old story from the Labour party, more inconsistency, ambivalence and surrender.
Darien Fenton and Phil Twyford have stood up for MUNZ. But that against a backdrop of "we accept that NZ's ports needrationalisation, which will involve job losses". The subject is fair working conditions, talk of sector rationalisation is both off topic and, framed the way it is, defeatist.
The theory that its OK because Labour are working hard behind the scenes just doesn't wash. Sure, working behind the scenes can count as supporting MUNZ, and it can be very effective. But people have lost faith in Labour, part of restoring that faith involves being seen to support workers. Next time someone asks Labour what their position on the POA dispute is, they need to include this sentiment in their reply - "we are working hard behind the scenes to come up with a fair and workable solution".
Otherwise my suspicion that David Shearer is the Invisible Man will continue to grow stronger.

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