Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A New Season

Finally a Labour MP has said something about Ports of Auckland.  The summer break must be over.
Darien Fenton has posted this on Red Alert (yay, RA is being used a bit more).  I hope it's a start, rather than the end of Labour's involvement.  Labour still haven't got the idea of getting the message out in a good form, the blog post abounds with ambivalence and is written like they expect to come out on the losing side.  I can't wait until 2015 to see the "we are standing up for what is right" attitude from Labour.
On a related note, Chris Trotter wrote a blinder on the POA dispute.  Somewhat at odds with his "Labour needs to distance itself from the unions" meme from a few weeks ago; it's an inconsistency I can tolerate.

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