Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I've already expressed my opinion that the councillors and mayor at CCC:

  • are inept, and
  • should either get their act together, or resign.

Now Tony Marryatt has shown himself entirely unsuitable to be CEO of a major organisation like CCC.
I understood his position when he said he would keep his pay rise.  It was, after all, council's (dumb) decision to give it to him.  If he'd stuck to his guns I'd have understood.
I also understood his position when he said he would give it back   OK, it was a weaker position than his original "no, it's mine and I'm keeping it", but I can still respect someone who can admit they got it wrong.
And then he went and made it conditional.  "I'll give it back if the councillors work together".  Rubbish.  Mr Marryatt, that's an unmeasurable standard, and an unreasonable condition that has nothing to do with whether a pay rise is justified or not.
Either you accept the pay rise, because it is acceptable in the circumstances (and IMO it's not, but your call) or you decline it because it is not acceptable.  It's that simple.  It's binary, for goodness sake.
Such poor judgement demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the founding principles of being a CEO at a council.  The honourable thing to do is to seek a career in the private sector.

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