Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Nightmares for Bob Parker, in any case.
The shift in strategy from denying the pay rise awarded to Tony Marryatt was an issue to labelling it a PR issue has failed.  Miserably.
The POA-inspired "go nuclear" strategy is pretty dodgy, too.
The Press reports on the latest in the saga, and once again the comments are scathing.  The headline repeats the spin of Mr Parker, in that it only refers to the PR aspect, whereas the more complete quote in the article says:
Parker repeated yesterday's admission, saying the chief executive's 14.4 per cent salary increase was "politically inept and it was a PR disaster''
The clear relationship between cause and effect is ignored.  To spell it out, if council had not been "politically inept", there would have been no "PR disaster".  And, incidentally, no need for a $80,000 review of communications strategies.  Who will be the first journo to stop swallowing the "PR disaster" excuse and ask about the excuses for political ineptness?

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