Monday, 3 March 2014

Nimrod's Son

ACT's new leader (good luck with that, btw), Jamie Whyte, expressed his opinion on incest last week, and it's been thoroughly ridiculed elsewhere by better minds than mine.
Granny was kind enough to let our PM express his opinion on the matter because, of course, he is an expert on every other party leader and their policies and positions.  Not so good with his own (no increase in GST anyone?), but never mind.  So what was Regular John's opinion?.
"Prime Minister John Key says Act Leader and potential parliamentary ally Jamie Whyte's incest comments are "stupid" and a distraction from important issues."
Gosh, harsh words.  "...a distraction from important issues...".  Thanks for flagging that John, after all you are the expert on flagging distracting issues.

Pixies - Come On Pilgrim, 1987

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