Tuesday, 4 March 2014

War Pigs

I wanted to write about something important, rather than trite crap like trusts and religious hypocrites (sorry about those last two posts, I couldn't help myself), and what could be more important than a superpower invading one of its neighbours and pissing off most of the rest of the world?  Well, OK, a few things, but it's been bugging me.
It seems that the media have been looking for relevance to NZ and it's been pretty difficult to find any.  After all, Ukraine is pretty difficult to spot on a map of Europe for most of the people I asked.  The country that first caught my eye turned out to be Poland (oops - though to be fair Russia has invaded them too, within living memory) and it was only when I spotted the Crimean Peninsula that I knew I'd found it.
So lucky for the media, Regular John has come to their rescue and said our athletes at the Winter Olympics should not boycott the games; in doing so has proved again he has fewer principles than Robert Muldoon.  Evidently invading your neighbour is OK when it's Ukraine, but not when it's Afghanistan.
Our Trade Minister, Tim Groser, has been pulled out of Russia, and that's seen to be an expression of our displeasure.  The potential for cruel comment is immense.  Let's settle for "more vodka, anyone?"

Black Sabbath - Paranoid, 1970

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