Tuesday, 4 March 2014

God Only Knows

Colin Craig has decided to slice and dice his defamation action against Russel Norman.  Instead of suing over the full sentence that he took offense to, he's asked his lawyers to focus on the sexist part and leave the homophobic bit out, for now.  Which leaves it looking to me a lot like Mr Craig acknowledges he can't defend against the homophobia part because he genuinely is a raving homophobe.  There's votes in that for him, so it could be a sensible strategy.
So he's suing on the basis of half a sentence.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
It's still my opinion that Dr Norman is in trouble, though.  It's possible that Mr Craig believes that women should also be allowed to go to the laundry and even out to the washing line.  But when I heard the "half a defamation case" reported today it merely served to reinforce my opinion that Mr Craig does not think anything at all, and on that basis Dr Norman must be wrong about what Mr Craig thinks
Meanwhile, aren't Regular John's potential coalition partners looking attractive?  Vote National, get Mr Incest.  No, sorry, that'd be Dr Incest.  But wait, there's more, we'll throw in Mr Chemtrails and a bonus defamation action, for free.  Woohoo.  All we need now is Peter Dunne and we have the best multi-arsed hydra you could imagine.
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds, 1966

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