Thursday, 23 January 2014

Walking on the Moon

Not so long ago a supposedly serious leader of a NZ political party wasn't sure whether planes are dumping weird chemicals on us (they aren't) or whether humans had walked on the moon (they have). Today we see that about 2.5% of the voting population would vote for his party, which is a fairly good reflection on 97.5% of the population.  Politics is a funny old game.
The same supposedly serious leader of a NZ political party is known to be quite religious, and it's reasonable to assume that he therefore believes in Acts of God.  Like earthquakes, for example.  God often fires off an earthquake to remind politicians about stupid things they've done that are against god's will, and the earthquake up the coast from Wellington on Monday was no exception.  God clearly has a message for Colin Craig...

"The Eagle Has Landed"
(photo credit Kent Blechynden, source Stuff)
The Police - Reggatta de Blanc, 1979

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  1. The Eagle has landed! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Oh, Lord - you don't get a good laugh like that often.